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" I'm all about elevating natural beauty while connecting with my clients". 

-Anna Grimes 

Who am I 

I've worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I'm a wife and a mother to three amazing kids. When I'm not working, I enjoy taking care of my plants, shopping for plants, hiking, listening to true crime podcasts, and spending time with my family, friends, and my dog Eevee. My playlist is all over the place from hip hop, punk rock, country, classic rock, and everything in between. Some might say I have a really loud, distinctive laugh. I was the kid in school who always got in trouble for talking too much, which is funny because now I literally get paid to talk to people while beautifying them! 

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My Story

    My love for makeup started when I was a child. All I wanted to do was to play with my grandma's makeup. I was the friend that always did everyone's makeup, which led to me knowing by the time I was in high school that I wanted to be a makeup artist. In the beginning, I was completely self-taught. This was in the 90's and before the internet, so I would check out every makeup artist book that my local library had to offer. I would pour over fashion magazines, rip out the makeup picture tutorials, and I would tape them to my mirror. I would sit in front of my mirror and practice makeup techniques for hours.


    Naturally, this led to me attending cosmetology school immediately after graduating high school. After earning my cosmetology license at the age of 19. My makeup career began by working for prestigious cosmetic companies such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, and MAC. I received training from leading people in the beauty industry, and I assisted and worked along side celebrity makeup artists. Throughout my career, I worked as a cosmetic retail manager, cosmetic business manager, makeup trainer, and a freelance makeup artist. My experience is what has given me the foundation to be able to work with people of all ages, all skin-tones, and backgrounds. 


    In 2016, I started my company Makeup by Anna Grimes and in 2023 I opened Atascadero's first makeup and brow studio, I feel very honored to have been able to work in the beauty industry as long as I have and to have so many clients who put their trust in me, to make them look beautiful for their most important life-events. I've been privileged to work with hundreds of brides and clients from all over the world, while making life-long friendships along the way.
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



Las Tiendas Plaza

7635 EL Camino Real Suite 1B, Atascadero Ca 93422

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